Students pay for Ph.D. admission essay and we perfect it for them

Done with higher education and now looking to further your educational background. Well, the next step is definitely going to be that Ph.D. We know that at this point, many students are tired of completing assignments and writing papers for their subjects. But, the work is not yet over and they still have to get into the institutes they desire. For this reason, students pay for Ph.D. admission essay with us and our writers complete the paper for them.

Our writers are intensively selected

Our vetting process includes looking at educational backgrounds, experience, writing styles, varieties of knowledge, and so on. We look at all the factors that can affect the writers and only choose those that we deem fit the characteristics that we’re looking for. Until now, we believe this approach is working having worked with over 1000 students over the past year.

Stay in contact with your writer

If you need to make any changes after you have submitted your requirements or if you just want to chat with the writer about what you need, you can simply do so through the chat feature we have on the website. Once you place an order with us and a writer has been selected, you will be able to view the chatbox.

Stay reassured with our money-back guarantee

If by any chance there is something wrong with your order from our end, or there is a valid problem with your essay, we will offer you a full refund of the money you paid for it. Usually, you can make as many changes as you want to fix this issue, else the money will be returned to you.

Trust us to pull off the unexpected

Professional writers to write your admission essay for you

When we select our writers, we take them through a vetting process to weed out the best of the lot. We do this because we want to have the most perfect writers for any situation. A Ph.D. essay is something extremely important and can sometimes decide whether you enter that institute or not. Therefore, you need the creme of the crop to ensure that the essay is well written.

Make as many changes as you desire

Depending on your expectations, there are always chances where you may want to change the first draft that our writer sends you. You don’t have to worry about any number of changes that you may want to make. We offer an unlimited number of revisions on every single piece of work that we do.

Want us to be highly creative and original?

Your Ph.D. work needs to be the most original to be taken seriously. This work is of the highest level and your papers need to reflect that. Our writers will ensure that anything written on your essay or following papers will always be 100% original and as creative as possible.

We know we are the best choice for this type of work

We have worked with many customers before and we have received a lot of great feedback from them. At Pay For Essay Cheap, we know that our writers are extremely good at what they do. Good feedback only comes from great jobs that we have completed in the past. 

All work goes through quality control 

To make sure that erroneous writing does not end up going back to our customers, we have a separate quality control team who will check all the work before it goes out. This way, all our work goes through two barriers to check for any mistakes. We can weed out most of the problems through this method.

Our Services

Pricing is done affordably

We don’t want to burden the students who come to us with exorbitant prices. All our prices are affordable to most people.

A fully functional support team

As a customer, we know that you may have a lot of questions before and during the order process. We have a team ready to support you at any time.

Deadlines will always be met

We have strict rules on deadlines inside the company. Just let us know when you require your work and our writers will definitely adhere to it.


Am I able to communicate with my writer while on the job?

Most writing services do not tend to offer this feature but we think it is important to ensure that the work is done correctly. As such, when you have placed your order, you will be able to be in contact with your writer through a chatbox on the website.

Do you accept revisions after the paper has been drafted?

We offer an unlimited number of revisions on any work that we complete. Once the first draft is sent to you, you can send it back via our support team for any changes that you may have. Our writers will always accommodate any number of them.

Do you use any of my data for other purposes?

We believe in confidentiality and so none of your personal data will ever be seen by another party, even your writer. Your work will not be reused for any other job as well.